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About Statue Repair

About Statue Repair

How do you repair a chalkware, plaster, resin or concrete statue?  

A: Call Statue Repair Pro's like Epic Restorations Statue Repair and Maintenance!

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You have heard that “time heals all wounds”, but time can also cause a gradual deterioration of precious antique sculptures, garden statuary, outdoor fountains, Trompe L'oeil / mural painting, fresco, gilding and even religious statues.  

Statue Repairs

Sinclair's Epic Restorations
Statue Repair and Maintenance is a Boardman, Ohio based statuary restoration business that specializes in the repair of Catholic statuary and other religious statue restoration, as well as garden statuary, outdoor statuary or concrete repair on fountains for both community and home settings. Epic Restorations provides an easy and affordable alternative to replacing broken indoor or outdoor statues. With each statue repair, every Epic Restorations artist can mend the broken elements and rebuild missing appendages finishing with a seamless surface and color match appearance. Whether you have antique or modern outdoor statuary, a mural painting or concrete fountains in need of repair, Epic Restorations foundation preparation, surface refinishing and reconstruction procedures enable its crafters to preserve and match the original condition of each item as needed, in order to retain value and restore the beauty of each project. Regardless of the dimensions or value of the object, Epic Restorations will meticulously clean, sand, repair and process all surfaces utilizing the combined dexterity of old world, hand painting brush effects and modern airbrushing techniques to ensure color tone harmony and smooth, blended surfaces.  

Broken fingers, toes, flowers or missing elements are no problem for our highly skilled statue repair craftsmen because  Sinclair's Epic Restoration artisans’ have a working knowledge of a variety of mediums including bronze, marble, plasters, resins, concrete repair and more.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every statue repair contract comes complete with a limited liability service guarantee to ensure that the statue repair meets the customer’s satisfaction and continues to maintain it’s brilliance especially on concrete repairs of outdoor statuary or fountains. (Some restrictions apply. Contact Sinclair's Epic Restorations for more details). 

Statue Restoration

Sinclair's Epic Restorations Statue Repair and Maintenance is a family owned and operated business.  

The Sinclair Family’s passion for art led them to explore the statue repair business  and opportunities that could incorporate and utilize their artistic talents, experience and education. The family discovered that statuary  restoration and maintenance provided a unique service venue that Boardman Township and its neighbors in Northeast, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania's surrounding areas were greatly lacking. "When your family's name and reputation is on the line, you make sure your heart and soul goes into every restoration and other statue repair." said Chuck Sinclair. "To us, religious statue restoration is more of a calling rather than a profession.  Catholic statue repair is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done."   

The Sinclair’s continually research and study different statuary repair materials, paint techniques, color matching procedures, airbrushing methods and compounds including several historic modus operandi to ensure that each statue repair, decorative painting project, gilding, Trompe L'oeil /mural, fresco or sculpture retains, or in some cases, increases its value.  

Today their statue restoration work can be seen on the campus of Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio as well as Youngstown and surrounding area churches including St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Hubbard, Ohio.

Free Online 

Statue Repair


If your church, school or home has religious or garden statuary, that have been broken, damaged, faded, or forgotten by time and in need of repair, please contact Sinclair's Epic Restorations for your no-obligation, free online estimates via the internet on our contact page.  All online estimates are free . On-site estimates available within an 50 mile radius of the greater Youngstown, Northeast Ohio area, and parts of western Pennsylvania or via the internet. "Out of area on site" estimates are subject to travel charges.  Price guide is available upon request. 


Statue Repair 





 We thank you for visiting our web site.   We hope that you will consider placing your trust in our capable hands, because at Sinclair's Epic Restorations, We Heal What Time Forgot!     

Sinclair's Epic Restorations
Statue Repair and Maintenance 
Youngstown, Ohio

How do you dispose of unwanted religious statues? Don't just toss that old or broken statues...Contact Epic Restorations to find out about recycling your religious statue! 

Out of respect we feel that  blessed religious statues should be reverently disposed of and not simply thrown away.  We understand that statue restoration can be costly.  If  you are not willing to pay to have a piece restored, please consider donating it to  Sinclair’s Epic Restorations for recycling.  Most donated statues that are beyond repair are pulverized and the powder recycled in other restorations projects while other statues are used to make molds for repairing folds in the robes or duplicating hands, feet, jaw lines, noses, etc.  Any donated damaged statues in need of minor repair, are mended, repainted and in turn donated to a non-profit organization or church.  We do not sell statues for profit. Please contact Sinclair’s Epic Restorations for more information, before you dispose of those old unwanted statues.  

Ask about our on or off-site repair policy!

An Epic Restorations artist can complete your statue repair or statue restoration on site, or you can ship your garden statuary, fountain or religious statue  directly to our workshop in  Youngstown,  Ohio. Shipping is not included in the estimate and is the responsibility of the client.  

Matching Paint on an old statue takes patience.   

Remember, not all statue repairs are equal! Sinclair's Epic Restorations artists delicately eradicate layers of paint, dirt, or debris build-up in several  areas of the statue, especially on hemlines and other areas of the garment, to establish the original color palette of the statue. This technique combined with historical research and photo analysis allows Epic Restorations to closely match the original colors of each statue if requested preserving it's integrity for future generations to enjoy.  Remember that the colors you see may not be the original shade due to years of built of oils and dirt on the surface.  Our artists will match the color of the cleaned surface, not the old dirt. Clients often confuse dirt and debris with an antique finish.  Statue repair is an art form that requires skill, patience, and dedication.  We are constantly studying and  learning new ways to paint, repair, and restore statues with a variety of new and exciting products as well as keeping in practice with the old conservative ways.  


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